New : Caprice Jeans and Easter Hunt!

I’ve received severals items asking me to make a jeans version of Caprice capris, here it is. As I love myself this midel, I’ve choosen to make it in various types. The first model presented here is totally girlie , flirting with the 70’s .

5 colors availables :

– Black

– Blue

– Brown

– Purple

– Red

Clothing’s part comes in all bottom layers and is modify, sculpted bottom legs are modify too. Available in world in the pants sections and on XStreet!

But this new releases it not the only news I have for you! For Easter Paradisis and the other shops of the sim invites you to a egg’s hunt, be ready to collect them and to pick up some originals gifts. The hunt will take place in the whole sim exteriors and interiors and from 2010 april 1st untill 2010, april 11th. Don’t miss it!

Fruity Girls!!

A spring release with a cute and sexy mini-dress in 2 models and with underwear included. A closed and open top to fit all situations (and one ‘open’ with bra included in the same layer). 5 sweet colors for a fruity spring.

Included in box :

– Dress top closed (all layers)
– Dress top open (all layers)
– Dress top open with bra (all layers)
– Dress bottom (all layers)
– Dress bottom with panties (all layers)
– Dress complete closed (Jacket layer)
– Dress complete open (Jacket layer)
– Dress complete open with bra (Jacket layer)
– Bra (all layers)
– Panties (all layers)

Avialble colors :

Black – promotional discovery offer 99L

PRICES : 165L$ (Black 99L$ promo offer) – Fatpack : 725L$ (-100L )

Happy shopping 🙂


Ankhari and i are pleased to present the work of Ayiki Takakura designer and builder in second life, her new skin line release is just gorgeous and original , photo-realistic skins made from scracth of young adult woman. A new style fresh and not enough known.

In order to make you discover this nice work Ayiki offer you a free make up of one of her beautifull models. Come to grab it! You can’t miss it!


Yes, more, Ankhari made a nice shape to fit with this skin , and it’s free too so come to pick up yours 😉

Happy St Patrick’s day

In order to celebrate the St Patrick’s day, I’ve made a cute outfit , win it  with the Midnight Mania in the shop. It will be available, too, today for sale in world and on XstreetSl. I try to keep Xstreet updated with the new stuff to offer you the possibility to send directly in world gifts.

New release of the past week : Hot love, a sexy combined top perfect for the sunny days that will come.

Available in 5 fruity colors and 9 layers for a comfortable mix and match.

Sweet Fusion beetween Anarchy and Paradisis

I’m happy to announce that Snippy Yiffu a talentuous 3D modeler and scripter will join the PARADISIS team. We hope that working together will bring more beautifull creations and more advantages for you and us. As you knew the ‘team’ was only compound by my husband and I. we’re proud to welcome Snippy in our group.

What it means for you?

1- More sculpted work and more original designs.

2- The opening of a man category of designs I hope it’s a good news for all those who have imed me several times to ask me about it.

Though our released will be probably more spaced in the time, but for a better quality work.

Some other news!

A little event wil take place from the march, 15th till march, 21th to celebrate the St patrick’s day. Don’t miss it!

The chase of the beast hunt!

It’s the first time, but there is first time for all right, I participate to a hunt. For this one , ah ah , I had some issue to find a good idea that can deal with my lack of time, but i’m pretty happy of the outfit I made for it, simple but in the spirit of the hunt. I apologize by advance if it’s not as good as the job I usually make, I did my best but I was yet very late and I got few time to make something really nicer. Though , I hope you’ll enjoy it.

A lil hint to help you! ‘ climb upstairs  and turn  right : where do you use to read a good book? Get comfy a lil and you may find what you are looking for ‘ All hints are available at loulou&Co Blog (link is on my blogroll)