Easter Hunt 2010,1-11 April

Hello there, I’m pleased to announce that our Easter Hunt is officially open. Sales are closed (the 1st April wasn’t included, but as some of you were dispointed by this at the end of the day a special group gift will be offered to you)

So what will you win with this hunt?

!! The hunt is on the whole sim exteriors and interiors of the shops !!

From Loulou & Co : (3 eggs to find)

– Necklace

– Tapes


From Lynece’s shop ( 4 eggs to find)

– complete outfit for woman

– complete ouftit for little girl

From Ragnarok shop (5 eggs to find)

– Scripted weapon

– other goodies

From PARADISIS (6 eggs to find )

A complete outfit including accessories , dress, top, jeans.

For this firstday no pictures, we want to keep the suprise, though to help you some hints !

Hints for the HUNT

♥ Hints for PARADISIS♥

001 : Maybe this rabbit can help you?
002 : Check the trees!
003 : A bench and  a drake?
004 : Pipes ? Seems weird!
005 : Pure, pure !
006 : A calm river, a sweet boat turn…

♥Hints for Lynece Shop♥

001 : What about to sit on this green bench?
002 : you should inspect carefully rocks
003 :  in the bridge’s shadows
004 : It should have some flowers there…

♥Hints for Ragnarok Shop♥

001 : Always look behind a shop!
002 : Those apples looks yummy
003 : mmmh tree and three ?
004 : Chem, cheminee
005 : Are you lucky?

♥Hints for Loulou and co ♥

001 : she looks the heart of the creation, sitting near stone stairs.
002 : near the windows there is allways something to see
003 : Coffee break : it’s time!


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