Some recent news

I have to apologize for a long time without news about PARADISIS, indeed my rl was busy and not in a good way, I had to deal with it before anything. But I’m back and I hope for the best. So what new among this weeks?

First a new freebie added to the store today, a simple shirt and leggings ensemble but quite fun I think, it include 2 tops in magenta and teal coulours and some black leggings. A little gift to thank your fidelity . You can also find in the new product room 2 new pieces of clothing.

Bad lolita skirt : A full prim skirt with a lot of details like skulls, chains , keys on the belt.

Sweet cake : A cute short top with a lace border and a very nice wool texture.

Those are a point in my next collection, kinda a back to the bones dealing better with my original work style. I wish to follow this path in my following creations, but don »t worry, PARADISIS will still be a shop for sexy and cute girls, a bit provocative .

Another point I want to share, some of you , asked me about my club « THE VOID ». This club is a bit particular cause it’s absolutely not a club with a wish of popularity, it’s more a place to party with friends and when we want, of course you’re all welcome! And if you want to be aware of some events we could make there , just search in world about **The VOID** group. I guess it’s a nice looking place.

In the further weeks PARADISIS will join the KAWAII hunt wich will take place from 12 to 30 of september, if you need some more informations please check the website :

That’s all for now !

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