Halloween hunt some tips.

The hunt is on ! In order to help you a little bit with what the items to found here some hints :

– Paradisis is not one store only

– There is 5 skulls to found.

– Is there cardbox somewhere?

– Candles , sweet candles…

Don’t forget to check inside and outside the stores ! It’s not a difficult hunt but you still have to search carefully, pay attention of what is around you !


Halloween hunt begins tomorrow!

As promised Paradisis & Co halloween hunt begins tomorrow 25th, october. Particpating stores are Paradisis (of course) , Loulou & Co, Hardwired, Lynece . We hope you’ll enjoy this little hunt around our store. Paradisis sales ends today and to help me prepare the sim for the hunt the region wwill be closed for +/- 2 hours, around midnight PST. I wish you fun and hope you will enjoy the gifts we’ve prepared for you.

PS : you have to found skulls each one filled with a gift or part of it !

Crazy sales and Halloween Hunt

I have some good news for you today, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it! Why? Because it’s about good deals of course! Write down this dates : 22, 23, 24 October 2010 , time for crazy sales @ Paradisis mainstore. All down to 50L except for the cyber collection . This offer is for 3 days only and just after we open the Halloween hunt!  From october 25th to November 8th, come to hunt goodies from Paradisis and of course the shops of the street : Loulou & Co, Lynece, Hardwired!

Else I have made for Halloween costumes a nice nurse outfit, nothing really original but I love it!

Bloody Nurse comes in black with red cross details and a very carefully made design. Ripped socks with garters come to complete the outfit.

and all this for a very sweet promotionnal price of 99L.

A lot of news!


Hello! Yes I know I’m really slow to update my blog, I’m sorry for that, but to do all by myself is very long. I hope you will forgive me! So, so , so? Whats new from september?

A new mainstore!

In order to slow down the lag in the sim, I’ve rebuilt my mainstore and the other shops, it’s now a street like place , less prims, less lag and a better shopping experience for you.

You will find there PARADISIS (of course), PARADISIS Cyber in a separated shop on the right of the classic one, Lynece (clothing and accessories for men and women), Ragnarock (Accessories and CCS weapons), Hardwired (clothing, accessories, furnishing, scripted tools), LOULOU&CO(accessories and clothing), SUMMER SEALE(Fantasy & Cyber  scripted stuff of all kind), AYIKI (skins, shapes, underwear). As soon as possible I will add new shops for ANTICUTE & HLD .

New Stuff!

In the order of release and of the picture :

Noxious : A black fishnet ensemble with multiple layers and styles including fishnet top, fishnet gloves , stripped bra(6 bra colors) . Exist in a punkie with pink fishnet and punkie pattern for bra.

Price : 75L$

Automne : Short wool’s dress with « V » collar and long sleeves, available in 6 colors a special balck and gold model is also available in lucky chairs.

Price : 100L$

Soap : Short punkie sweater available in 6 colors

Price : 75L$

Excess : My latest release and ‘im proud of the style of this sexy model, an high waisted skirt with suspender mixing wool and jean, furr or leather fabrics combined to ripped gloves and socks and an optionnal bra, but you can wear any top you want with it. Total 18 model just for you and the leather green one is winnable trough mindnight mania.

Price : 135L$