Cozy days

Winter is here, with its snow, its cold days, I felt in a cozy mood theses days, needing warm sweater and pants. I wish I had a fireplace in real life, nothings is better than to see the fire when it’s snow. That’s probably why I’ve created those two outfits : Streets and Cold Kiss

Cold kiss is a mix match ensemble of a turtleneck sweater and hot pants worn on black pantyhose, perfect under a long coat with high and tight boots like these beautifull boots from J’s I have. Sweaters are available in 8 colors and hot pants in 4, a leather sculpted belt is included with each sweater , and a pair of pantyhose with each hot pants.



Concerning Streets it’s a reflect of what comfy means for me, with a sexy touch in the half-sheer tops, each outfit includes 3 top, black, white and gold, and a pant of the color of your choice beetween 5 nice colors.

on picture : House from NotSoBaD, pose cushion from GLITTERATI, christmas decorations by THE LOFT, Hair from PLOOM, nails by ROZOREGALIA and skin by LAQROKI