Wet and Dry « MONO »

A hot new release today for a pretty bathsuit . MONO is a onepiece swimsuit with two version dry and wet , it’s allways fun to have both when you roleplay or just because you  want to adopt a little more naugty style.

MONO comes in 4 colors : Black, Gold, pink, white.

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Worn on pictures :

Skin : Al vulo – Renzie

eyes : Aimesi

haircuts : TRUTH and LELUTKA

bracelets : MANDALA

Mini Egg hunt!

Sadly I didn’t get much time to prepare a good hunt like last year but I would make something so I’ve made a mini hunt including the past year Easter gift and a new one. I thought some of you may not have participated in 2010 hunt and would have this gift. The new one is a special KINIS with an easter pattern. As I said it’s not a lot, I really wish I had more time in rl for you but we don’t allways do what we want .

I wish you an happy Easter!
NB : All gifts are in the shop !

HUNT is on till tueday 26th.

Tiny, naughty, juicy « KINIS » bikini and older release

Hello girls !

I’ve been productive this week , so I have two release to blog today, even though some of you dear bloggers did it before me. So two new bikini for the 2011 collection, mischievous and sexy SUMMER and KINIS.


Released today.  A cute bikini with a revealing top, lightly retro with its polka dots pattern. Hipsters bottoms with sculpted ribbons for the cute part . Available in 5 colors,  for easter these bikinis are half price till the 26/04/2011.

Sculpties are modfiable to fit easy your shape and the bikini is on all clothing layers.

Worn on picture :

LEFT girl :

Bikini : PARADISIS Kinis : bikini orange

Skin : Al vulo –  Renzie Brozne

Hair : Truth – Monica expresso


Right girl :

Bikini : PARADISIS Kinis : Magenta

Skin : Al vulo Renzie – Bronze

Hair : LELUTKA – Rain

Pose props surfboards  from {What Next}


A little more in the fashion wave than Kinis, Summer have been released past monday, with its asymetric top and its hipsters shorty its a glamour swimsuit available in 6 colors.



I’ve spent a lot of time doing this new pair of jeans, a long work to obtain something I really like and with satisfying details. As I work from scratch I can assure you that making the rendering style of jeans is something pretty boring though I hope you will enjoy this model.  Two sculpted bottoms style , straight or flared in the same pack, I found this a good compromise for people who don’t like one of them. Available in twelve colors with a nice blue camaieu, mix and match them to every style.

I offer you a special color : Magenta in my Midnight Board ( second floor of the shop with discounted items) , also available in the fatpack.

AGAIN copyboted


I don »t count how many times I’ve been copyboted and this time again. I really hate this and I really don’t understand why people do it. As I don’t want you to take the risk to pay for a stolen item because it’s cheaper than mine, or because you trust a shop wich a not one, I’ve decided to offer you the stolen item in the real version , that means mine! So I’ve set up PARADISIS Fruity girls MAGENTA at 0L$ in my shop. I spend hours in creating my items, it’s a work for me and I don’t want to see people waste my time with copy and more I don’t want to see inocent people involved in this.

Paradisis & Project FUR japan

I’ve made two spring releases for project FUR Japan, two casual outfit in the spirit of the sunny days.  All benefits proceeds to project FUR japan through their scripted vendors, these outfits are available either in my mainstore or in the sim.

1 – Beautifull Days :

All in pink, with a tube top with a sculpted part. Flared open jeans, stripped in a sweet pink to remember the fresh roses tones.

Worn on picture :

Outfit : PARADISIS beautifull days

Barefeet : N-Core

Jewels : Mandala

Skin : Laqroki

Hair : Lelutka

2- Beautifull Smiles

Inspired from beautifull days , a long wavy sculpted top and capris with sculpted cuffs. Brown and cream, light and casual.