I’ve spent a lot of time doing this new pair of jeans, a long work to obtain something I really like and with satisfying details. As I work from scratch I can assure you that making the rendering style of jeans is something pretty boring though I hope you will enjoy this model.  Two sculpted bottoms style , straight or flared in the same pack, I found this a good compromise for people who don’t like one of them. Available in twelve colors with a nice blue camaieu, mix and match them to every style.

I offer you a special color : Magenta in my Midnight Board ( second floor of the shop with discounted items) , also available in the fatpack.

AGAIN copyboted


I don »t count how many times I’ve been copyboted and this time again. I really hate this and I really don’t understand why people do it. As I don’t want you to take the risk to pay for a stolen item because it’s cheaper than mine, or because you trust a shop wich a not one, I’ve decided to offer you the stolen item in the real version , that means mine! So I’ve set up PARADISIS Fruity girls MAGENTA at 0L$ in my shop. I spend hours in creating my items, it’s a work for me and I don’t want to see people waste my time with copy and more I don’t want to see inocent people involved in this.


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