Sales period extend and news

Like said in the title of this post, I extend the sales
period to the end of this week (sunday,july 3 included).
In order to make the ending point of the old PARADISIS.

Sounds bad to your ears? Don’t worry, Paradisis won’t closed
or disappear but will just take a new breathe.

At first a new mainstore, a total new look for the sim.
I won’t spoil you. I let you discover this next week.
New releases, new graphic chart, but in the heart still
the same, though my wish is to offer you better and better

Old collections except few items, old freebies, all this
is ended. Though I keep what is on marketplace.

The new mainstore will seem to you quite empty for now
but you can trust me to fill it all along this year.

A new guest will appear too in the mall : Manna.

Thanks to all of you, for giving me the wish to create.