New Mainstore, New Releases

It took me time but the new mainstore is done and quite empty, this is a bit pertubing for me, but it’s a good thing. As said earlier, all olds collections are gone to leave the place to the new releases, a new line for new ideas. Of course, you can still buy the old stuff via second life marketplace. For the cyber store it’s closed for the moment, the time for me, to find a good way to include it in the new sim look.  (And it wont be so easy trust me).

We still welcome the shops : By Ayiki, Loulou & Co, SummerSeale, HLD, Harwired, Lynece and Ragnarok with a new one , warmly welcome beetween us « MANNA »

The new sim is on ground level, with a beautifull tropical look and totally open, I wish to make as good for shopping as for chilling.

An other important point is that the sim is now ADULT , you will have to be age verified to come in. I’m sorry for that but due to the sim contents, this was recquired.

Direct Teleport to the new sim



4 new releases and a freebie



PARADISIS Chill : freebie undies included a tank top and panties.

Pose by Apple Spice

Hair by Lelutka (LOOSE – Hair fair)

Bracelet by Miel (FRIENDO)

Skin by Al vulo! (ELENA – Sunkissed)

PARADISIS Mini : Mini spagetthi dress available in 5 colors

PARADISIS Dolce Vita : Crochet bolero wit oversized sleeves available in 5 colors

Pose by Apple Spice


PARADISIS Flirty Used : New jeans model ripped and used

PARADISIS Seduction purse : Fashion purse availble in 6 colors and models.

Pose by Apple spice






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