So !

This blog was quiet since almost two month. I apologize for this but real life keep me so busy that is difficult to manage sl work and rl tasks with success, but I will do my best to fix this and to keep you informed. So?


Today, I will only talk you about my latest releases. The september ones « PARADISIS Falls » and « PARADISIS Me » have yet been blog by several people so I won’t do it again.

For haloween I’ve reserved you a small gift. This outfit is quite simple but cute and can fit other days too.  » My little haloween dress » is made off a short sculpted dress and leggings. You can even wear the top part of dress with it for another style in all simplicity.

On picture :

Skin : LAQROKI – Lovisa fair

Make up : BOOM Renegade princess -coal mine ( eyes)  and CHELLE  Pucker up bish – Baby dool pink(lips)

Hair : PLOOM – Aisline – streaked option

Choker and bracelets : BLITZED – Legacy collection ( Thanks to Eko merlin for this great set, I can’t live without it :p)

Drumcase : SEY (wich need to do more girl things!)

Gloves : Piece of my Nightbird outfit


Frame credits –

I know some of you would me to put store links but well I’m not a true blogger just a designer but to help you to find items I will add to the blog a series of shops links asap.  The following picture presents « Sporty » a sportwear outfit I made recently. Satinne like with a sculpted puffy top mixing gold details with orignal colors (6 on total).


On Picture (items not notified earlier)

BAG : EDELWEISS – Boston school bag ( a really great bag with various cute pose, must have!)

A word about mesh clothing. I won’t do some for the moment for two reasons. First i’m not totally satisfied of how it works and at the moment my computer can’t support the mesh viewer. (thanks to linden labs  to add new things before fixing old ones and without be sure that all graphic cards can work with their viewers updates.)

I wish a good day, night or whatever. xoxo!


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