All sames?

Something that allways surprised me in second life is how people brings here the limits of their life. « Don’t show your breast, because people will think you’re a b…. », « wear this because it’s the fashion wave ». Like in real, I’m just chocked whent I read some magazines saying  » an amazing style from… » and when I see something looking like a potatoe sac. I don’t understand,  we follow, we say « yes » like sheeps. Because we want to shine under the other stars.

I don’t need someone to tell me what I have to wear. I create like this, how I want. Naughty, simple, sexy, good, it’s just my mind.

On picture :

Sweater : PARADISIS  Lazy (cream) – NEW

Bra : PARADISIS  Brin de folie ( black) – available on marketplace only

Pants : PARADISIS Flirty – used

Skin : LAQROKI  Lovisa – fair

Hairs : LELUTKA Yippie – New (mesh haircut)

Lazy is my latest release, a crochet wool sweater, all comfy with this large and long sleeves , well not really done to keep you warm…!

On picture :

Top : PARADISIS Lazy – Black NEW

Skirt : PARADISIS Suede skirt – Pink NEW

Socks : PARADISIS Falls – included in the top’s pack

Boots : GOS curvaceous – black

Chocker : MANDALA Milky way –  wind

Nails : MANDALA – included in KABUKI bracelet

Hair : PLOOM Natie

The suede skirt, you’ve been a lot yet to like it , thank you! This mini low rise suede skirt is done to match all your styles.( 12 colors availables)

Did you ever think  you would show your undies? In rl I mean, we pay amazing amounts for pretty little things, and we’re stuck. Glad if we have a boyfriend and some bestfriend to show what we bought but…is that not a bit frustrating sometimes? Here I like to show it, virtual world no limits except RESPECT.

On picture :

Pants : PARADISIS Suede pants – brown NEW

Hair : PLOOM – Gabby



I like pink too. Especially matching black and different kind of pinks and I like to have my sleeves hidding my hand like for Loose.

On picture :


Dress : PARADISIS Mini

Hair : ANALOG DOG Ariel


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