PARADISIS Christmas hunt details 15-30 december (included)

The christmas hunt will begin in 2 days, I think it’s time to give you some details and advices for this hunt.

This hunt will take place in PARADISIS sim only and concern only PARADISIS no additional shops will join it. So gifts will be hidden some on the mainstore, some on outdoors. Be sure to search everywhere to complete the seven pinecones of the outfit.

The outfit includes :

– A sculpted scarf

– A sculpted Sweater

– Sculpted and mesh ice skates with animation

– Wool leggings

hidden in 7 pinecones. To make the game more interesting and because i’ve heard about many cheat around hunts, this year you will have to look carefully. Object won’t have a specific name . It will be « pinecone » , some of them will be empty, some others will contain some junk reward and 7 of them will contain pieces of the outfit. In order to help you, I will add some hunt hints on the 15th december. Here on the blog. Of course all this stuff is totally free, not even 1L$.

The idea is to have fun, the sim have been decorated in a christmas winter theme especially for this, a big ice skating ring will allow you to play with your new ice skates. Just enjoy.

Christmas month is not ended and I reserve you more surprises along this days.

For the « facebookers » please note there is a pradisis group : Paradisis on Facebook . I will keep it updated too.