Simple feelings

Us, women we like to be beautifull, sexy, we like to be looked, we’ve been taught like this, froms centuries our appearance is something we have to take care of and it’s often an issue for us to satisfy our self glance. Here in our virtual world it’ no different from the reality, we allways try to have  » the style ». For me beauty is not only a fashion story, because to be honest, when RL ceators design fashion they think of how will look their clothing and no how a women will be in. High fashion is an art , fame and money story, something I dont really agree because at the end most of us would never afford that, and for most clothing, just try to be an active woman with… I love simple thing, I love these dress wich underline the body and remenber to everyone that the woman’s body is yet by itself a piece of art.

Feeling is that kind of simple mini dress (yes I love mini!) it mix satinne and glittering texture in very very short dress zipped on the back, the  kind I would wear to go to nightclub or to have a cocktail in a not too formal party.

As normally it’s spring (even if here clouds are almost blacks ), I’ve made it in several spring’s colors, sweet pastels and of course the most used colors for that kind of dress, black, red, magenta, silver.

This item is part of the new whore certified weeks, means for you a discount of at least 30%  from several designers. More info here : Whore certified blog .

I’m also happy to present with this new dress two new releases from designers I love. The new COCO hair from WASABI PILLS is nice half long haircut perfectly made with great texturing. For me the best mesh hairs for the moment in second life. Skin is from LEAGUE , the new JEN from Nena Janus feat perfectly my girly style, a young face with a beautifull glance and adorable lips. Skin packs offer many features to play with : lipsticks, cleavage, various hairbases and brows option that makes you forget the price.

To end this post I share with you this project realized by a friend and his team, this don’t deal with sl so if you don’t like cinema , just don’t read this part!

This project will be a short film discussing about a man and his son feelings a subject taken with humour to talk about something that is sometimes hard to express, how feelings evolved, how things can be broken. This little story needs helps to grow. It’s a french project so I think this is more for french cinema lovers . If you want more info please check here :


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