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Summer  is not ended and we have some warm days here. What would be better than to have a fresh time at the beach or near a lake? Nothing I guess, simple pleasures are allways the best. As you know the Pink Ribbon Fair is on, like many designers I’ve choose to participate to this charity event . All benefits will go to the research against breast cancer, all little help is good and welcome. For this event I’ve selected various items and two « charity » outfits in pink.

Summer days is a boho rigged mesh outfit, presented here in brown the pink PRF version, includes also a waist boho belt and bangles. As many bloggers have presented them yet, I just make a quick post to do it too. All texture have been made very carefully, I took time to choose the right pattern, the right fabric to retrieve a style I love a lot in RL.

Still in the summer mood, I couldn’t forget to make a swimsuit, a mischievous one with an asymetric touch to reveal your breast more than it should be. Low and sexy bottom for dangerously attractive hips , band top for the fashion mood, leopard spot for the feline you are.

To fit with this swimsuit I’ve made a long wet tank top, something I’ve should have done before because it’s something allways usefull when you like to play. ( I won’t tell you wich game…up to you to imagine!). For PRF a Pink version of this tanktop and the swimsuit have been matched together. A lil summer deal @50L$ and available only on the PRF sim .


Credits :

Location : PARADISIS

Hair : Maitreya – Siobhan

Skin : Al vulo – Leilani

Outift 1: PARADISIS summer days , 5 colors available, pink special @PRF

Outfit 2 : PARADISIS Play sexy, 6 colors available, pink special@PRF

Outfit 3 : PARADISIS Wet beach , 8 colors available, pink special@PRF
Poses by Apple Spice




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