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Hello girls,

I haven’t been writting on here since a while, sorry for that, these past years have been rude for me and I had to deal with this and get back slowly to myself to be abble to continue my work in the second life world. And you, how have you been? I guess, like me, life hasn’t be so nice all days. I’m better and I want to continue working for second life, fashion, furnitures maybe poses, all I like. I don’t want anymore Paradisis to be only one side of me but more like I am. This is why, the brand gets a new name. Mademoiselle A (Miss A) . You got it? Mademoiselle is Miss Ankhari, the one I am in Second Life (and in real in a way). Cause for me, humans have so many faces to show. I want to show you mines. News are coming, this was just a little word, to say « Hello, I’m here and I didn’t forget you ».


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