A lazy sunday morning…


It’s a beautifull sunday here in France, this afternoon, I will bring my family to the « Bordeaux geek festival », it’s a very nice event for the nerd’s family we are. But for now I want to share a bit of my SL world with you. Instant feeling this morning to make this picture.This is one of the things I want to make, blogging time to time, what I like in Second Life. I used a personal windlight setting to make this one and almost no edition. For me it’s the best way to show you how the stuff will look on you or around you. The place is the sim where is my shop @ lingua franca. Decorated by myself. Our « friendly » place, where we go to talk or to make parties and have fun. Trees are from 3D trees by Nadine Reverie the larch forest set and those colorfull tulips from Lili hearth, I’m very happy she bring us copy stuf and such great flowers, this set is very easy to use, low land imapct, perfect for any wild landscape or garden. Background house and planks ground are from Apple Fall (seriously I love this guy stuff….so much!) . This young men is for me a texture god as well as a very good 3D artist, though it would be great if he can make his beautifull houses with a lil less land impact. My cushion sofa….♥ Dust bunny♥  and they are available @Collabor 88 for this round. I was like … »mmmh wich kind of cushion would fit here » and then .. »These! I want them » . You know that, right? Whent you see something just « perfect » to fit what you think. The barbecue is from Epia party gacha.

Let’s talk about my outfit, this is my Sl sin, making outfits from creating them myself for my own shop to imagine them with the stuff I buy from my favorites designers. My « sunday boho outfit » is a mix beetween the following thing : ADDAMS – Ivy skinny flare pants, Blueberry, Jocelyn top, such perfectly peace and love! My hair are from Mina – Guusje in black. For my accessories I used the just too funny Reign – Hippy glasses (epiphany gacha), A cute gift from the We<3Love roleplay  anniversary from Bliensen and MaiTai wich is called Shimmer Tiara and my cigarette holder is from [Kunst]. To make your life easier I will put all the credits list just right now !

Credits :

Rl events

Bordeaux Geek Festival 14-16 mai 2016

My second life shop

Mademoiselle A(Paradisis)

Friend’s camp

Second Life shops

Apple Fall

Dust Bunny


3D trees

Heart garden center






Second Life events

we ❤ roleplay

collabor 88




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