It has been a long time since..

Yes, a very long time, since I’ve posted anything. Real life caught me, as allways, in his swirls. Once again, I’m back in Second Life. For the moment, I enjoy my second world as a roleplayer, a photographer and a serial shopper. Forgive my english, it’s not my native language. I wanted to keep you in touch with what’s happening for the store and I. These past two years were erratics and filled with good and bad surprises so here some details.

Facebook :

Regarding my facebook account, Ankhari Tammas one was stolen, I’ve tried to retrieve it but Facebook did nothing. I’ve lost my group and store pages in the process. I made a new one, and for the moment you can find my gacha’s marketplace store page here : Gacha Pon-Pon

Store’s page will come too.

If you read french and interested in reading some adventures (yeah, I write too, sometimes), you can find some of my writings here : Les histoires ordinaires d’une alchimiste

Feel free to like and comment, advices are allways welcome!

To finish, if you’re curious about me, find here some of my drawings : Ankhari Inks

Store location :

The latest,

Mademoiselle A

In a second time, I plane to be more present on my blog, to share with you my Second Life experience, fashion,  places, landscapes I make and maybe some new stuff 🙂

See you soon,

xoxo Ankhari




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