A song with Joe

Hello dear readers,

I hope you’re doing good today. It’s a rainy day here, but even grey days brings there touch of beauty . Today I wanted to talk about a woman, a great one.

Joe Lhane, Mrs Joe or just Joe, a velvet’s french voice. She will bring you with her and makes you smile. She’s one of these natural woman you want to met. Shiny and allways smiling. To learn more about her concerts, the when and the where, you can join the grou La salle de bain de Joe, inworld. She offers us some of the best songs of the french music, and we love her cabaret show. Yesterday she was singing in an italian’s club. Finally, there is not so much to say about her, because, the best way to know her is to listen her .


Kisses to you all, have a great, great day

xoxo Ankhari.


It has been a long time since..

Yes, a very long time, since I’ve posted anything. Real life caught me, as allways, in his swirls. Once again, I’m back in Second Life. For the moment, I enjoy my second world as a roleplayer, a photographer and a serial shopper. Forgive my english, it’s not my native language. I wanted to keep you in touch with what’s happening for the store and I. These past two years were erratics and filled with good and bad surprises so here some details.

Facebook :

Regarding my facebook account, Ankhari Tammas one was stolen, I’ve tried to retrieve it but Facebook did nothing. I’ve lost my group and store pages in the process. I made a new one, and for the moment you can find my gacha’s marketplace store page here : Gacha Pon-Pon

Store’s page will come too.

If you read french and interested in reading some adventures (yeah, I write too, sometimes), you can find some of my writings here : Les histoires ordinaires d’une alchimiste

Feel free to like and comment, advices are allways welcome!

To finish, if you’re curious about me, find here some of my drawings : Ankhari Inks

Store location :

The latest,

Mademoiselle A

In a second time, I plane to be more present on my blog, to share with you my Second Life experience, fashion,  places, landscapes I make and maybe some new stuff 🙂

See you soon,

xoxo Ankhari



Back again!

Hey people, maybe you thought I was away from SL forever but not! I grab back all my creativity to share with you new creations. I’m all excited today cause at the same time, I may get a great opportunity in my Real Life. See you very soon inworld.

xoxo Ankhari

And news again


A new place.

You must wonder why I don’t make more new creations, the reason is that I have a lot Sl work to do to make my shop here again, and not only mine to be honest. I’m rebuilding the ground level of the sim for my dear friend Ayiki Takakura, owner of Ayiki’s creations, skin, lingerie maker . She also do several custom job on demand and her creations come with plenty of appliers for your mesh bodies. In order to make this job done, I had to make a Mall for our and our partner’s shops, here above a quick look at it. You will find there of course my own shop but Ayiki’s, Mesh Rebel, Enjoy Desire, P’ti Lu Tatoos.

*Teleport to the new mall*


IMPORTANT : My mainstore won’t move after that, it will stay at this place and won’t go back to the ground level. A choice I’ve made to have more space and a different design fitting my tastes :), so you can keep this landmark as the defintive one.


« L’Octopus » Bar

I can’t leave without a friendly space near me, so I’ve build and decorate a friendly steampunk/Indus bar near my shop, this space is open to everyone, and if you like it and want to make concert or event there, drop me a notecard, I will be glad to answer you. I took pleasure to make something different there, and I will add soon a gamers space with playable games from Nomad and others creators. A dance space is on its way too upstairs, but still the same it take time to do all this. « L’octopus » is located in the mall and you’re warmly welcome there for all purpose ❤

More things are coming ( Winter?), I will do my best to keep you in touc with this, I have a lot of work to do with my vendors to put in my store all my old stuff, make some appliers of your favorites for maitreya, belleza, Slink, that will took me long but I’ll do it.

Gacha Yardsale!

I’ve also put a gacha yardsale space in my shop, for furnitures or small decorations that are not boxed, for clothes and more wearable stuff I’ve created a special store on the marketplace called « Gacha Pon-Pon » here the link : Marketplace link Take a look, I’m allways adding stuff there 😉

See you soon ❤

Dead sakuras for « Blossom » feat. « La jolie Rose »

One more sunday morning to take the time to talk with you. How are you today? I’ve been working all the week to make my first LARA appliers for my clothing. I took fun making the design but a lot less making the HUD itself. It’s not aspecially complicated, but truly boring, trust me. But know the HUD is done and you will be abble apply my clothing work on your beautifull MAITREYA Body mesh.

I know you girls and you will ask if I will do appliers for other bodies as SLINK  or BELLEZA , TMP. So, if the MAITREYA ones works, I will. Except for TMP, a choice because of their appliers policy.


« Dead sakuras by Ankhari Tammas Aka Mademoiselle A »

Then, I’ve just re-released BLOSSOM lingerie set, with the appliers for LARA and here a inspirated pic (I hope) with this lingerie , I’ve used the pose of the SOLACE, pose set from « La jolie Rose »,Aaisling M BEAUREGARD, the owner of this photo poses shop, is a very sensitive person with a great artistic taste, he is as well a blogger, follow the link to take a look : « The whimsical Fashionista « . Now Blossom comes in 2 set of 4 colors, neutrals and pastels. 125L$ per set, wich is a great discount from the previous pricing. Like allways for the launch week you have a 20% discount and 10% more if you’re part of the group. And because I love you customers, I’ve made a special pack with Orange, Red and Magenta as group gift. Remember to wear the VIP tag to pick them up :).

♥Mademoiselle A – Mainstore ♥


Yummy Tuesday sales

[MA]Yummy tuesday sales

Hey sweeties!

My tuesday is sunny here in France, so I’ve decided to share a bit of my happy mood as a nice sales on my furnitures stuff! 50% not less and if you’re group members 10% more, let’s count together, that makes sweet prices ! By the way I took a lot of fun making this avertisement. This the good point of the LOGO head (Alex here), so many expressions to play with. I use it with my Pink Fuel Skin -Doll V2 in crystal tone. Mochi Milena is so good with skins and made so many appliers to fit with body mesh. She’s such a cute girl and so talented. For eyes I’m a TSG eye’s lover. I love her work, she really makes pretty eyes and so cute clothing. Hair from DURA, for me one of the best short’s hair maker in SL.

Cabs to stores :

Mademoiselle A



Pink Fuel


Ballet of loneliness


« Have you ever felt like this? When even in crowded world, you feel alone. A deep nothing, full of emptiness. »

Picture credits :

Various elements from -Tres Blah- gachas, « bon voyage » and « Vanity ».

Speakers from *ionic*

Floor’s papers from Zigana

Vintage chest from Mademoiselle A

Coffee, gacha from Stand by INC

Dress from Tee*fy, may luxebox

Ballet shoes from AZOURY  at Dark fantasy fair

Hair from Moon at Whimsical event