1 – Some advices.

There is one thing you must know if you begin your second life it’s that there is multiple ways to obtain free stuff and many qualities of freebies, you have to be carefull of what you take and from who you receive it. Some people are expert in spamming you with crappy freebies some dangerous even for your account privacy. Never accept from someone you don’t know an object requesting you to grant permissions of taking lindens.

2- Where to find good freebies ?

For me the best way has ever been  to go around the well known shopping areas, but I must admit that little shops offer often more freebies than bigger ones. The easiest way to find the best is to search on the web before,  as you do reading this. On my blogroll you be abble to find some of these usefull link : The freebie telegraph is a good example.

You have various place to pick up free stuff and various ways too :

– Simple freebies boxed in the store you can buy for 0 or 1L$ (those ones are better called Dollarbies)

– Joining shops groups to receive their group gifts (usually a better quality than normal freebies)

Lucky chairs : Many shops offer good gifts by using them , the idea is : each X min a gift and an alphabet letter are choosen randomly , if your firstname begin by this letter you have to sit on the chair and you receive your price.

Midnight Mania : it’s another funny way to find nice freebies, there is even a website giving you all slurls , here join the board with a click and the you have to wait if the board is complete before midnight then you’ll receive the gift shown on the picture.