Gacha’s yardsales

Quick reminder about « Gachas » and « Yardsales »

1 – What are « Gachas »?

In Second Life, Gachas are a popular commercial game, you pay an amount usually under 100L$ to win a « no copy » prize . You can have this way beautifull products for a small price, sets to complete. They are often organized with commons and rares prizes. As this stuf is no copy/transfer. You are able to gift it or to resale it.

2- Yardsales.

There is various type of yardsale :

  • Inworld sims where you can find many gacha resale stores
  • Inworld private spaces for one store (like mine)
  • Marketplace resale shops

3- Policies.

Yardsale’s vendors are not creators of the items, if you have an issue with an item, the best is to contact the designer who make it. Be carefull too with what you buy, check carefully the pictures and names.

My Yardsales

1- Inworld :

In my own store you will be abble to find various unboxed decorations stuff especially from Apple Fall, Très Blah and such. All items are originals and may be bought and take after you buy it.Be sure to pick up your stuff before leaving. If it happens you forget one, please contact me and leave me a message, I will check for it and send it back to you. Consult your lost and found for this :).

Teleport to my store click me.



Link to my marketplace store click me

IMPORTANT my marketplace yardsale is a different store from my creations marketplace!