When september ends…

…October begins and with it two new releases. September has been special for me, I had to move my mainstore and close my old sim, a lot of thing to do but it’s life and we have to change and follow. The new mainstore is totally different from the old one, more in falls spirit , more romantic. I hope you’ll like this place as much as I loved to make it. I’ve talked about two new releases, it’s time to present them. My first and favorite (till the next) is Agnes :


Sexy, cute, romantic, all I like , wool is one of the texture I love to work in sl, I tend to create thing following my feelings, and autumn makes me feel well like this dress. It comes in 7 sweet colors, here you can see it in chocolate, black, camel, cream, mint, nude, pink are the others. This dress and its assorted sotckings are made in normal clothing, you won’t need a mesh viewer to wear it. As many of you I bet, I’ve felt in love with the new skin « Livia » from Al vulo, the face is totally sweet and fits my tastes. I’ve inspired my look from apicture of Toxxic Rhyannyr, not as cute as her sadly, but I totally felt in love with her Avatar look with this skin http://whispermizin.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/simplyepic/

Check this link you will understand what I mean. Haircut is the lovely group gift from D!va and fits just perfect with these horns from the Plastik. Necklace is one the pearls line of MANNA store, not a new release but I like it a lot. Manna Yoshikawa takes a real care of her creations and brings a romantic and artistic touch to her designs. My boots are these « Stagioni » cute ones from Maitreya and trust me if you go there you will have serious difficulties to save money.


My second new release is « Attitudes » especially made for the Swag Fest, it took me a while to understand what SWAG meant, more than a real style it’s a lifestyle, not mine I admit, and for that it have been quite difficult to find the good outfit to do for it. But I thin « Attitudes » fits the them with its sporty minidress, its matching socks and gloves. Be carefull this one is rigged mesh and standard sizing, try a demo before buying it. To celebrate this fest « Attitudes » comes in a pack of 6 colors at a  very fair price. Hairs are also from D!va.

Please note that I have put rigged mesh DEMOS in my mainstore, as the SWAG FEST sim will be quite full and laggy, this can help you to do your shopping 🙂

To close this post I suggest you to take a look at the 38th round of the designer circle, I’ve joined it and put « Feeling » dress discounted especially for it in 5 colors. TP to designer circle

My shopping list :

Haircuts : Senri2 (not free), D!va2 (free group gift if you join) from D!VA

Skin : Livia (NEW) from AL VULO

Boots : Stagioni from MAITREYA

Necklace : Perles d’automne from MANNA

Horns : Arachzis from The Plastik

Outfits : Attitudes for the SWAG FEST   , Agnes – PARADISIS (new)

PARADISIS Agnes : Marketplace link



Nightbird and Earth wisdom

I’m glad to announce that the sim is back to moderate for your pleasure and to present 2 new releases I made with love.

Nightbird : for the night’s girls, a sexy dressie with a sportswear look. Studied to be worn like a dressie or a top if you worn only upper body parts, the outfit includes the dressie , long gloves and a glossy belt assorted to the top color. For casual day or to go clubbing just choose how to wear it. All prims parts are modify and belt comes with two attachments slot and with or without resizer.

On picture :

Outfit : PARADISIS Nightbird – Yellow

Skin : Al vulo – Elena sunkissed

Hair : Lelutka

Glasses : GOS – Deception.



Earth Wisdom : A gorgeous boho jewellery set including earrings and necklace. Custom textures carefully made for all parts . Presented here in turquoise and available in 3 gemstones colors.

On picture :

Jewels : PARADISIS Earth wisdom – Turquoise

Skin : Al vulo – Elena sunkissed

Hair : Lelutka – Nicole


Wet and Dry « MONO »

A hot new release today for a pretty bathsuit . MONO is a onepiece swimsuit with two version dry and wet , it’s allways fun to have both when you roleplay or just because you  want to adopt a little more naugty style.

MONO comes in 4 colors : Black, Gold, pink, white.

Tp to PARADISIS Mainstore

Worn on pictures :

Skin : Al vulo – Renzie

eyes : Aimesi

haircuts : TRUTH and LELUTKA

bracelets : MANDALA

Night in black « SATINE »

All sensual in a silky satin, let’s shine all the night long.

« SATINE » are my last hipsters released, open on front and back and zipped. Good for clubbing or casual mood or juste because you like satin. Pants are modify to fit your boots if you need. Additionnal sculpted legs for a better rendering and available in 6 colors. For fun I have add this time the « orange » as the « gods » of rl fashion said that orange will be a must have color this summer. Honestly ‘im not sure but, well, I had to try this :p And if you try it too, don’t forget , white top will be your friend to ride the fashion wave !

My sweet little SUGAR

After a personal disaster called « hardisk death », I’ve finally decide to forget winter and issues with the creation of this wool minidress. Quite simple but totally sexy, perfect to worn everyday. Sugar have a plunging neckline revealing mischievously your cleavage and well a little more with the asymetric V cut. 3 colors, the eternal black, a cute pink to call the spring and a soft cream for classic times and @ the promo price of 75L$ till next monday.


Worn here with « Charme » colorable bra , skin « Jasmine » in shell tone from CURIO, nails from ROZOREGALIA, glasses « Intuition » from GOS, hairs « Nadja » copper from MAITREYA