Meet « My little one »


She’s curvy, generous and sexy . Small and cute, she have a cute face and big eyes. Curved in her arms you’ll allways feel comfy and loved. And she is totally free. « My little one » is a free shape i’ve just done for pleasure. I was wondering how to create a curvy shape with those large hips we often see and she’s born. As i’m not really a shape maker, Ive just decided to share it for free. The shape is no modify, I’m sorry for this but it’s something I had to do as for some making shapes is a job in SL and to avoid what can sadly happen, that someone took the parameters to sell it for itself.  This shape fits severals al vulo skins, Laq, even Leagues one so I guess you can aprreciate it. The pack includes a styling card, physics to go with the breast and a face light. You can find it at the entry of my mainstore.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoy to make it 🙂



New freebie!

I’ve just added a new freebie to the store , a nice cute girl’s shape fitting the Pink Fuel SKYE skin’s line.

A cute body and a sweet face, no too much  tall .Presented with shape :

Pink Fuel – Skye Milky – Pink Sugar make up. Available at 50l at Valentine Bazaar

Redgraves – venus eyes blue (free)

TRUTH ‘Jess’ coffee (free)

-TRUTH – ‘Kylei’ Bow (free)