Sweet Fusion beetween Anarchy and Paradisis

I’m happy to announce that Snippy Yiffu a talentuous 3D modeler and scripter will join the PARADISIS team. We hope that working together will bring more beautifull creations and more advantages for you and us. As you knew the ‘team’ was only compound by my husband and I. we’re proud to welcome Snippy in our group.

What it means for you?

1- More sculpted work and more original designs.

2- The opening of a man category of designs I hope it’s a good news for all those who have imed me several times to ask me about it.

Though our released will be probably more spaced in the time, but for a better quality work.

Some other news!

A little event wil take place from the march, 15th till march, 21th to celebrate the St patrick’s day. Don’t miss it!