Halloween hunt some tips.

The hunt is on ! In order to help you a little bit with what the items to found here some hints :

– Paradisis is not one store only

– There is 5 skulls to found.

– Is there cardbox somewhere?

– Candles , sweet candles…

Don’t forget to check inside and outside the stores ! It’s not a difficult hunt but you still have to search carefully, pay attention of what is around you !


The chase of the beast hunt!

It’s the first time, but there is first time for all right, I participate to a hunt. For this one , ah ah , I had some issue to find a good idea that can deal with my lack of time, but i’m pretty happy of the outfit I made for it, simple but in the spirit of the hunt. I apologize by advance if it’s not as good as the job I usually make, I did my best but I was yet very late and I got few time to make something really nicer. Though , I hope you’ll enjoy it.

A lil hint to help you! ‘ climb upstairs  and turn  right : where do you use to read a good book? Get comfy a lil and you may find what you are looking for ‘ All hints are available at loulou&Co Blog (link is on my blogroll)