Christmas hunt launched infos and hints!

The paradisis christmas hunt is launched , I’ve add severals cute goodies to make it more fun to do. Rememeber that gifts are hidden inside the shop and outside , you have 7 to collect for the outfit and 6 for goodies. Enjoy.


Some hints to help you to find the outift places, goodies are hidden in various pinecones so take a look ;).


– « A well informed person may find what she look for »

– « When world is cold nothing better than a hot drink »

-« Hidden places far from all are the best way to find serenity and sometimes more »

– » A pinecone falls from..a pine! »

– » You love ice skating? So do I! But be carefull of what is on the ice, you may fall or…. »

– » A moment for two? »

Winter hunts and new releases

December is the month of gifts and I know there is severals hunt running the grid. I’ve joined one for KV fashion agency and will did one for myself limited @ my mainstore. New releases are coming too but for the moment, let’s take a glance @ the past week and fresh news.


For PARADISIS Christmas hunt you’ll be abble to collect a full winter outfit, « Winter Joy ». It includes as shown on picture a scarf, a sweater, some wool leggings and a pair of warm and comfy ice skates with a skating animation. Skates are partial mesh so you’ll need to have a mesh enabled viewer. The hunt will take place in the mainstore sim, on outdoors. (Yes I made a winter outdoor decoration and I want to use it !) . As I learn recently that people use scripted tools to find easily gift pick them up and go, I will make this hunt a little hardier than the other years.(Better to play the game, no?). All informations about the hunt and hints will be posted here on the 14th , december, and will be availables too on notecard via Paradisis customer group or inworld signs.

As said earlier, I participate the hunt and I made this « christmas themed » undies. The outfit includes a long tank top with a delicate shorty and matching socks. A pair of funny sculpted sack complete it. After the hunt you’ll be abble to find this undies set ( without the chrismas socks )  as a new releases in various colors and an half sheer model in the shop. If you want to stop by and pick up this gift,  look outside the store and ask reindeers they may have something for you ;).

To end this post , let me present you my latest release « Sweet Winter ». A sculpted off shoulders sweater with a cute pattern. Wear it alone or over some other skinny sweater. It works. Available in 6 colors, just choose the one that fit your mood.As allways sculpted pieces are copy/mod for adjustement. The red one shown here is one of the december groupt gift of my update group. If you want it, just join the group via the group terminal in my inworld mainstore and search in the history. You’re free to leave the group after if you want as many people do ;). I wish you happy holidays fort his end of year.


Pictures credits :

Avatar body look

Skin : Al vulo – Sally porcelain

Blond haircut  : [Shag] – Voulez vous (roots edition)

Black haircut : Wasabi pills – Sachiko hair (mesh hair)


Clothing and accesories (other than paradisis releases)

Belt : BLITZED – Legacy

Glasses : [GOS] – SCT

Leggings : PARADISIS My little halloween dress (old gift still available till 2012 on the mainstore)

Pose prop trunk by  {What Next}

Poses by PLOOM

For stores link please check the link at the right of the blog.




Halloween hunt begins tomorrow!

As promised Paradisis & Co halloween hunt begins tomorrow 25th, october. Particpating stores are Paradisis (of course) , Loulou & Co, Hardwired, Lynece . We hope you’ll enjoy this little hunt around our store. Paradisis sales ends today and to help me prepare the sim for the hunt the region wwill be closed for +/- 2 hours, around midnight PST. I wish you fun and hope you will enjoy the gifts we’ve prepared for you.

PS : you have to found skulls each one filled with a gift or part of it !

Crazy sales and Halloween Hunt

I have some good news for you today, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it! Why? Because it’s about good deals of course! Write down this dates : 22, 23, 24 October 2010 , time for crazy sales @ Paradisis mainstore. All down to 50L except for the cyber collection . This offer is for 3 days only and just after we open the Halloween hunt!  From october 25th to November 8th, come to hunt goodies from Paradisis and of course the shops of the street : Loulou & Co, Lynece, Hardwired!

Else I have made for Halloween costumes a nice nurse outfit, nothing really original but I love it!

Bloody Nurse comes in black with red cross details and a very carefully made design. Ripped socks with garters come to complete the outfit.

and all this for a very sweet promotionnal price of 99L.

New : Caprice Jeans and Easter Hunt!

I’ve received severals items asking me to make a jeans version of Caprice capris, here it is. As I love myself this midel, I’ve choosen to make it in various types. The first model presented here is totally girlie , flirting with the 70’s .

5 colors availables :

– Black

– Blue

– Brown

– Purple

– Red

Clothing’s part comes in all bottom layers and is modify, sculpted bottom legs are modify too. Available in world in the pants sections and on XStreet!

But this new releases it not the only news I have for you! For Easter Paradisis and the other shops of the sim invites you to a egg’s hunt, be ready to collect them and to pick up some originals gifts. The hunt will take place in the whole sim exteriors and interiors and from 2010 april 1st untill 2010, april 11th. Don’t miss it!