Dead sakuras for « Blossom » feat. « La jolie Rose »

One more sunday morning to take the time to talk with you. How are you today? I’ve been working all the week to make my first LARA appliers for my clothing. I took fun making the design but a lot less making the HUD itself. It’s not aspecially complicated, but truly boring, trust me. But know the HUD is done and you will be abble apply my clothing work on your beautifull MAITREYA Body mesh.

I know you girls and you will ask if I will do appliers for other bodies as SLINK  or BELLEZA , TMP. So, if the MAITREYA ones works, I will. Except for TMP, a choice because of their appliers policy.


« Dead sakuras by Ankhari Tammas Aka Mademoiselle A »

Then, I’ve just re-released BLOSSOM lingerie set, with the appliers for LARA and here a inspirated pic (I hope) with this lingerie , I’ve used the pose of the SOLACE, pose set from « La jolie Rose »,Aaisling M BEAUREGARD, the owner of this photo poses shop, is a very sensitive person with a great artistic taste, he is as well a blogger, follow the link to take a look : « The whimsical Fashionista « . Now Blossom comes in 2 set of 4 colors, neutrals and pastels. 125L$ per set, wich is a great discount from the previous pricing. Like allways for the launch week you have a 20% discount and 10% more if you’re part of the group. And because I love you customers, I’ve made a special pack with Orange, Red and Magenta as group gift. Remember to wear the VIP tag to pick them up :).

♥Mademoiselle A – Mainstore ♥


When september ends…

…October begins and with it two new releases. September has been special for me, I had to move my mainstore and close my old sim, a lot of thing to do but it’s life and we have to change and follow. The new mainstore is totally different from the old one, more in falls spirit , more romantic. I hope you’ll like this place as much as I loved to make it. I’ve talked about two new releases, it’s time to present them. My first and favorite (till the next) is Agnes :


Sexy, cute, romantic, all I like , wool is one of the texture I love to work in sl, I tend to create thing following my feelings, and autumn makes me feel well like this dress. It comes in 7 sweet colors, here you can see it in chocolate, black, camel, cream, mint, nude, pink are the others. This dress and its assorted sotckings are made in normal clothing, you won’t need a mesh viewer to wear it. As many of you I bet, I’ve felt in love with the new skin « Livia » from Al vulo, the face is totally sweet and fits my tastes. I’ve inspired my look from apicture of Toxxic Rhyannyr, not as cute as her sadly, but I totally felt in love with her Avatar look with this skin

Check this link you will understand what I mean. Haircut is the lovely group gift from D!va and fits just perfect with these horns from the Plastik. Necklace is one the pearls line of MANNA store, not a new release but I like it a lot. Manna Yoshikawa takes a real care of her creations and brings a romantic and artistic touch to her designs. My boots are these « Stagioni » cute ones from Maitreya and trust me if you go there you will have serious difficulties to save money.


My second new release is « Attitudes » especially made for the Swag Fest, it took me a while to understand what SWAG meant, more than a real style it’s a lifestyle, not mine I admit, and for that it have been quite difficult to find the good outfit to do for it. But I thin « Attitudes » fits the them with its sporty minidress, its matching socks and gloves. Be carefull this one is rigged mesh and standard sizing, try a demo before buying it. To celebrate this fest « Attitudes » comes in a pack of 6 colors at a  very fair price. Hairs are also from D!va.

Please note that I have put rigged mesh DEMOS in my mainstore, as the SWAG FEST sim will be quite full and laggy, this can help you to do your shopping 🙂

To close this post I suggest you to take a look at the 38th round of the designer circle, I’ve joined it and put « Feeling » dress discounted especially for it in 5 colors. TP to designer circle

My shopping list :

Haircuts : Senri2 (not free), D!va2 (free group gift if you join) from D!VA

Skin : Livia (NEW) from AL VULO

Boots : Stagioni from MAITREYA

Necklace : Perles d’automne from MANNA

Horns : Arachzis from The Plastik

Outfits : Attitudes for the SWAG FEST   , Agnes – PARADISIS (new)

PARADISIS Agnes : Marketplace link



New Mainstore, New Releases

It took me time but the new mainstore is done and quite empty, this is a bit pertubing for me, but it’s a good thing. As said earlier, all olds collections are gone to leave the place to the new releases, a new line for new ideas. Of course, you can still buy the old stuff via second life marketplace. For the cyber store it’s closed for the moment, the time for me, to find a good way to include it in the new sim look.  (And it wont be so easy trust me).

We still welcome the shops : By Ayiki, Loulou & Co, SummerSeale, HLD, Harwired, Lynece and Ragnarok with a new one , warmly welcome beetween us « MANNA »

The new sim is on ground level, with a beautifull tropical look and totally open, I wish to make as good for shopping as for chilling.

An other important point is that the sim is now ADULT , you will have to be age verified to come in. I’m sorry for that but due to the sim contents, this was recquired.

Direct Teleport to the new sim



4 new releases and a freebie



PARADISIS Chill : freebie undies included a tank top and panties.

Pose by Apple Spice

Hair by Lelutka (LOOSE – Hair fair)

Bracelet by Miel (FRIENDO)

Skin by Al vulo! (ELENA – Sunkissed)

PARADISIS Mini : Mini spagetthi dress available in 5 colors

PARADISIS Dolce Vita : Crochet bolero wit oversized sleeves available in 5 colors

Pose by Apple Spice


PARADISIS Flirty Used : New jeans model ripped and used

PARADISIS Seduction purse : Fashion purse availble in 6 colors and models.

Pose by Apple spice






Summer « Seduction »

I’ve realized that I havent made any complete outfit for a while, so slowly came the idea of SEDUCTION.

A girly seductive outfit, including a top, assorted panties, a jeans skirt , lace’s gloves , sculpted belt and sculpted bag.

Bag is carefully textured with jeans and lace texture, for the look two magazines and a oil tube inside.

A sexy feeling with the open skirt , here worn the skirt layer with panties, exists without too.

Seduction is @ a PROMO Price untill 15/05/2011, enjoy ❤

Credits :

Model poses from GLITTERATI

Pink Jewellery from MANDALA

Lips piercing from ROZOREGALIA

Haircut with HAT from AMACCI

Skin from AL VULO – Renzie Tan