A song with Joe

Hello dear readers,

I hope you’re doing good today. It’s a rainy day here, but even grey days brings there touch of beauty . Today I wanted to talk about a woman, a great one.

Joe Lhane, Mrs Joe or just Joe, a velvet’s french voice. She will bring you with her and makes you smile. She’s one of these natural woman you want to met. Shiny and allways smiling. To learn more about her concerts, the when and the where, you can join the grou La salle de bain de Joe, inworld. She offers us some of the best songs of the french music, and we love her cabaret show. Yesterday she was singing in an italian’s club. Finally, there is not so much to say about her, because, the best way to know her is to listen her .


Kisses to you all, have a great, great day

xoxo Ankhari.