Extra sales days and other news

I have to apologize for the missing ‘sales’ day, with the hunt and such work during the week, I didn’t realize the mistake (it should have benn written  -march 31 for the closing- for me the 1st wasn’t included but I totally admit this is confusing for customers), then to offer to those who miss it , the opportunity of buying their stuff at the sales price I add 3 more days of sales : 3,4,5  April 2010. (and the sales will be closed in the earlier morning of mach,6th ).

In order to fix all this, the sim has been closed for a little hour, sorry to disturb the hunt with this but this is for you 🙂

Sim is back and prices are down as promised. I know that it begins the 2, but it’s easier for me to manage this today(even designers are allowed to have week-ends sometimes ;)), the officials days are 3,4,5

Other news incoming after this !

So more news!

With the release of the viewer 2 and cause my shop is expanding faster than I have prims, I will have to make some changes not before the end of the hunt though, in order to let it run quietly. Items will be now and for all copy.no trans(of course prims parts still modify, as well as pants or pieces recquiring to be mod ) . As now Xstreet use the same account as your second life account, you will abble to send your gifts this way :). I know that some items are still missing on xstreet and I will add them quickly.