Winter’s thoughts


Do you like winter time? I do, winter have a taste of softness and tenderness. It tastes chocolates and holidays, christmas and parties. It tastes family and cheminies. To go back to our purpose I’ve made for you a cute pair of ice skates with warmers and socks. You can wear them animated if you don’t have a skating AO or non animated if you have one. Just turn off you current Ao and use your up and down arrow keys to move. It’s a quite simple animation so for fun I suggest you one of the best skating AO I’ve found :

I’m happy to tell you that PARADISIS will participate in the FROST event managed by Depraved nation and running from 12.12.2012 untill 1.2.2013. Many great designers have joined it, so it’s a promise of quality and originality. See you soon there !


Picture credits :

Location : Paradisis mainstore@Lost Albion

Pose : Adorkable

Hair : Wasabi pills (Bree – Rye tone)

Skin : Al vulo (Livia – fairy tone)

Sweater : Paradisis (Skinny sweater – Cream tone)

Ice skates : Paradisis (Icy cute – FREE)

Mesh pleated skirt : HOC industries




I’ve been quite busy this week working on a new skinny sweater with lola’s applier add-on and I’m finally done with it. This was the first time and I had to make severals tries before having the good matching, though it works. My day was shiny untill a friend came with a smile telling me that’s there were new lola and mesh this time. Trust me , I turned crazy :p But well, these first sweater, fits for older ones (Natural and push up). And I hope you’ll enjoy it. Of course the shading fits for normal avatars and is carefully done. As I consider this top as a basic, usefull to be worn under other things or just like this, I’ve made 14 colours of it, sold by pack of 2 or 3 (only white, grey, black). I’ve reserved for you one color as a free gift, you can pick it at the mainstore neart the entry, near the armchair in the center on the table. This top is discounted for one week from 115L$ (per color’s pack) to 89L$. Fatpack is available on the marketplace and discounted too.


Picture credits (location : paradisis mainstore) :

Skin : Al vulo (Livia – Fairy)

Hair : Elikatira (Listen – Blonde02)

Lashes : Lelutka (long)

Mesh hands : SLINK

Mesh ears : Mandala

New « Coquine » and Valentine market infos

I don’t know for the rest of the world, but here in France, weather is cold, maybe I thought bringing a bit of heat with this new long top…or not… But, here it is, « Coquine » is a mischievous top wearable as well as a very (very, very) short dressie if you’re in naughty mood. Simply sexy, just because you worth it ! Available in 8 sweet colors inworld or on the marketplace. « Coquine » comes with a modifiable sculpted collar and in all clothing layers.

Worn on picture :

PARADISIS Coquine New – 75L$/p

PARADISIS Sweet Sugar panties from sweet sugar lingerie -75l/p (see older post for more details)

WASABI PILLS Nicole mesh hairs

AL VULO Sally skin in porcelain tone

Pose prop from ADORKABLE


The Paradisis & Co, valentine market will take place on Paradisis creations sim from January,22th to February,15th it will welcome various designer like Loulou & Co, Manna, Shush, Sakide, Paradisis…etc We will offer you a selection of valentine themed products a sweet prices. To make this event as great as possible, each shop will offer one or two items @50L$. When it’s possible we will put both set of permissions (transfer or copy).

I’ve especially made the place with care to bring a romantic spirit for this little market, I really hope you’ll enjoy it. I don’t forget serial photographers and pose props have been drop on the sim.

Have a great day, in your virtual dreams !



Winter hunts and new releases

December is the month of gifts and I know there is severals hunt running the grid. I’ve joined one for KV fashion agency and will did one for myself limited @ my mainstore. New releases are coming too but for the moment, let’s take a glance @ the past week and fresh news.


For PARADISIS Christmas hunt you’ll be abble to collect a full winter outfit, « Winter Joy ». It includes as shown on picture a scarf, a sweater, some wool leggings and a pair of warm and comfy ice skates with a skating animation. Skates are partial mesh so you’ll need to have a mesh enabled viewer. The hunt will take place in the mainstore sim, on outdoors. (Yes I made a winter outdoor decoration and I want to use it !) . As I learn recently that people use scripted tools to find easily gift pick them up and go, I will make this hunt a little hardier than the other years.(Better to play the game, no?). All informations about the hunt and hints will be posted here on the 14th , december, and will be availables too on notecard via Paradisis customer group or inworld signs.

As said earlier, I participate the hunt and I made this « christmas themed » undies. The outfit includes a long tank top with a delicate shorty and matching socks. A pair of funny sculpted sack complete it. After the hunt you’ll be abble to find this undies set ( without the chrismas socks )  as a new releases in various colors and an half sheer model in the shop. If you want to stop by and pick up this gift,  look outside the store and ask reindeers they may have something for you ;).

To end this post , let me present you my latest release « Sweet Winter ». A sculpted off shoulders sweater with a cute pattern. Wear it alone or over some other skinny sweater. It works. Available in 6 colors, just choose the one that fit your mood.As allways sculpted pieces are copy/mod for adjustement. The red one shown here is one of the december groupt gift of my update group. If you want it, just join the group via the group terminal in my inworld mainstore and search in the history. You’re free to leave the group after if you want as many people do ;). I wish you happy holidays fort his end of year.


Pictures credits :

Avatar body look

Skin : Al vulo – Sally porcelain

Blond haircut  : [Shag] – Voulez vous (roots edition)

Black haircut : Wasabi pills – Sachiko hair (mesh hair)


Clothing and accesories (other than paradisis releases)

Belt : BLITZED – Legacy

Glasses : [GOS] – SCT

Leggings : PARADISIS My little halloween dress (old gift still available till 2012 on the mainstore)

Pose prop trunk by  {What Next}

Poses by PLOOM

For stores link please check the link at the right of the blog.




All sames?

Something that allways surprised me in second life is how people brings here the limits of their life. « Don’t show your breast, because people will think you’re a b…. », « wear this because it’s the fashion wave ». Like in real, I’m just chocked whent I read some magazines saying  » an amazing style from… » and when I see something looking like a potatoe sac. I don’t understand,  we follow, we say « yes » like sheeps. Because we want to shine under the other stars.

I don’t need someone to tell me what I have to wear. I create like this, how I want. Naughty, simple, sexy, good, it’s just my mind.

On picture :

Sweater : PARADISIS  Lazy (cream) – NEW

Bra : PARADISIS  Brin de folie ( black) – available on marketplace only

Pants : PARADISIS Flirty – used

Skin : LAQROKI  Lovisa – fair

Hairs : LELUTKA Yippie – New (mesh haircut)

Lazy is my latest release, a crochet wool sweater, all comfy with this large and long sleeves , well not really done to keep you warm…!

On picture :

Top : PARADISIS Lazy – Black NEW

Skirt : PARADISIS Suede skirt – Pink NEW

Socks : PARADISIS Falls – included in the top’s pack

Boots : GOS curvaceous – black

Chocker : MANDALA Milky way –  wind

Nails : MANDALA – included in KABUKI bracelet

Hair : PLOOM Natie

The suede skirt, you’ve been a lot yet to like it , thank you! This mini low rise suede skirt is done to match all your styles.( 12 colors availables)

Did you ever think  you would show your undies? In rl I mean, we pay amazing amounts for pretty little things, and we’re stuck. Glad if we have a boyfriend and some bestfriend to show what we bought but…is that not a bit frustrating sometimes? Here I like to show it, virtual world no limits except RESPECT.

On picture :

Pants : PARADISIS Suede pants – brown NEW

Hair : PLOOM – Gabby



I like pink too. Especially matching black and different kind of pinks and I like to have my sleeves hidding my hand like for Loose.

On picture :


Dress : PARADISIS Mini

Hair : ANALOG DOG Ariel


Merry Xmas !

I’ve finally found the good idea for this christmas release, after many trys and some headaches. Because each year it’s the same, tons of santa babes, tons of red,green, white outfits, but.. Merry Xmas , and the X here to underlined the naughty touch of this outfit, is made of a very short sweater with sculpted sleeves and sculpted collar , a wool dressie (or a long top as you whis) lifted up onthe back, a ripped crop top, mini panties , wool stockings and a tatoo « Merry Xmas » for your bottom. All are in multiple layers .

On picture : Pose puff gold by LOST ANGELS, Christmas tree by NEW TRAIL, Art picture by Nephie Eerie, standing pose by GLITTERATI, nails by ROZOREGALIA, Haircut by MAGIKA, Skin from LAQROKI, House by NOTSOBAD

A lot of news!


Hello! Yes I know I’m really slow to update my blog, I’m sorry for that, but to do all by myself is very long. I hope you will forgive me! So, so , so? Whats new from september?

A new mainstore!

In order to slow down the lag in the sim, I’ve rebuilt my mainstore and the other shops, it’s now a street like place , less prims, less lag and a better shopping experience for you.

You will find there PARADISIS (of course), PARADISIS Cyber in a separated shop on the right of the classic one, Lynece (clothing and accessories for men and women), Ragnarock (Accessories and CCS weapons), Hardwired (clothing, accessories, furnishing, scripted tools), LOULOU&CO(accessories and clothing), SUMMER SEALE(Fantasy & Cyber  scripted stuff of all kind), AYIKI (skins, shapes, underwear). As soon as possible I will add new shops for ANTICUTE & HLD .

New Stuff!

In the order of release and of the picture :

Noxious : A black fishnet ensemble with multiple layers and styles including fishnet top, fishnet gloves , stripped bra(6 bra colors) . Exist in a punkie with pink fishnet and punkie pattern for bra.

Price : 75L$

Automne : Short wool’s dress with « V » collar and long sleeves, available in 6 colors a special balck and gold model is also available in lucky chairs.

Price : 100L$

Soap : Short punkie sweater available in 6 colors

Price : 75L$

Excess : My latest release and ‘im proud of the style of this sexy model, an high waisted skirt with suspender mixing wool and jean, furr or leather fabrics combined to ripped gloves and socks and an optionnal bra, but you can wear any top you want with it. Total 18 model just for you and the leather green one is winnable trough mindnight mania.

Price : 135L$