Whore certified?

As you may know it, one of the events of this month is the « whore couture fair ». Pointed yet by many bloggers, this event celebrate sexy , naughty and provocative fashion. As a designer I’ve been invited to participate. I’m not totally well with « whore » style, well sexy , revealing  , yes but whore, I had to search what was the exact sense of the word to find a line that will fit with. Funny, when you think I love so much to show a part of a breast or too make extra mini skirts! I think, I’m still not enought naughty for this! Though my new line « Toxic bitch » seems to be good enough to deal with this theme.

I really suggest you to take a look at this fair, because there is here not only known brands but new designers deserving your attention. I’ve seen some little nice pieces, even if I don’t buy for myself because I don’t really wear whore style, if you like this, you will be happy! (But wait a bit and don’t forget to go there almost naked if you want to have a chance to see something :p except is your computers is a beast maybe…)

whore couture fair : PARADISIS Toxic bitch

To talk a little about my new release, as I said it before, it’s a line, as cupid kiss will be ( With all this, I had to delay the full release of this line but it will come soon, I promise). That means separated parts you can mix and match, following your taste or choice (and that’s avoid me to find a tons of new names for my items :p). For the first two parts, I’ve made a suede like dressie and a sculpted wool top. The dress is cut under breast and zipped on front, back and hips, a sexy detail to catch the glance. Sculpted zippers on hips with the word « TOXIC » and « TOXIC BITCH » written on the side. All to be a good whore! Concerning the top, the sculpted base is a full perm from alexandra barbosa. She do a great job with tiny sexy things, I love her work, as all full perm though it’s pretty hard to give a unic style but I’ve did my best mixing some straps and texturing it with care to make it different from what has been done yet. Two sculpted heart’s zipper drop from the breast and « PLAYZONE » written in the middle, a sexy invitation no? Both top and dress are available in 5 colors to choose from, and have been discounted for the fair at -30% of their regular price.

Worn on picture :

Skin : New skin tone for « CHANTAL » from Al vulo , a sweet caramel tone I like a lot , for a very nice skin.

Hairs : Sybille 2 from WASABI PILLS , not a new release but one of my favorite haircuts

Glasses : From GOS , I’m totally in love with « GOS » works, eyewear , footwear it’s allways beautifull pieces, this model is SCT.

Nails : MANDALA, palette 2, same as GOS, fine work, perfectly textured, a must have.

Bracelets : Loulou & CO , « French kiss », french we are , french we stay , and this gorgeous bracelet deserve its name.

Poses by Glitterati. SLURLS availables on right side of the blog ♥

Valentine’s Market

A valentine’s day market will open its doors tomorrow at Paradisis creations, find there, discounted items around valentine’s day theme from various creators, items from Paradis choosen for the occasion. Specials mindight Mania boards will be set up for it. This event will take place from february,10th to february 14th.  Enjoy.

More? Some special valentine’s day freebies will be add to the market come to grab your , but remember! Not before tomorrow 🙂